Sunday, November 27, 2011


That's right everyone! I've moved the blogsite to WordPress! Why? Because WordPress has more design options, although it may have a  more complicated interface it does have more features. Plus, at WordPress I can have as many pages as I want! Not like Blogger, where I am limited to four pages! :-(
If you want to go to my new blogsite's address, then simply click on the link beneath the picture. If you don't, then please keep in mind that this version of BoocLooks will not be receiving any more updates. As well as that, all features are being removed from this version. Every page will contain this notice, and nothing else!
Yours Truly:
Bowen H Mikell


  1. That's great! I will be following you on your new site. You are a great book reviewer and I am looking forward to your next book reviews. See you there.

  2. Good luck to your new website Mr. Browen. Thanks for the great book reviews.. Looking forward to your new website.

  3. I have always been a big fan of the wordpress, hopes it works out as good for you as it has for me!

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