Wednesday, October 26, 2011


For those of you who are subscribed and / or read my blogsite for "ZionsCrossings" then this is a very important update! You will no longer find the blogsite at:; well actually you will, but it is not a version of the blogsite that is currently being updated, and everything has been removed and replaced with a notice that basically says that the blogsite has been moved.
The new blogsite can be found at: The new, and updated version of the blogsite looks, and even feels, much more advanced than the Blogger version. Everything has been put into better context, and I hope that all of you will decide to make the switch with me to the NEW ZIOCROSS! I hope to see everyone there, and in case your wondering what the OLD ZIOCROSS then just stop by and check it out!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Unidentified

By: Rae Mariz
Rated: 4.7

In this book, the United States' government has run out of money for the public school systems, and the corporations of the world have swooped in to save the day! Or have they? For 15 year old Katey (a.k.a. Kid) the sponsors are nothing more than a bothersome fly that just so happens to watch her every mood. At least, until the day when The Unidentified make themselves known. Suddenly, she is swept into a world of glitter, popularity, and conspiracies. Will she be able to uncover the secrets of The Unidentified, and at the same time save her dying friendships? Read the book to find out.
The book started out as something that I immediately fell in love with. There's just something about the idea of a sponsored school system that somehow managed to catch my attention. I ate it up. Every page of it. I am surprised that it has not received more publicity than it actually has, but there's really nothing that I can do about it. Except spread the word through the world of BoocLooks.
Something that I found particularly intriguing was Rae's writing style. I actually was able to feel all of the emotions that were going through Kid's head at any given time. That kind of thing can only be found in a very gifted person. I have only ever encountered two other people who are able to do this. Those would be the fabulous Keary Taylor, and the wonderous Pittacus Lore.
This book is certainly worth reading, and I encourage everyone to either order it, or to stop by your local bookstore and buy a copy. Another thing worth mentioning about this book is its unique sense of style. No one else on the Earth has ever even been able to make an attempt at writing something of this sort.
I am currently trying to set up an interview with the author, although I am not sure quite how long it will take me to get in touch with her. The next book that I will be reviewing is called: "The Awakening" and I can go ahead and tell you that it's also a really good book. Until next time, so long everyone!