Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Willows: Haven

By: Hope Collier
Rated: 1.7
Okay, there are some things that I seriously couldn't stand about this book. For one thing, I thought that the book was just a little bit.....abnormal. Normally, I'd probably give something away right about now; but I've gotten some very rude e-mails in the last couple of days telling me that I "shouldn't give away so much in my reviews. It's very f*cking annoying!" So, I'm going to do this non-spoiler review. If you like it, send me an e-mail telling me so. If you don't, also send me an e-mail telling me so. If you don't care, then tell me. People who don't care will be classified with the 'I Like Your REAL Reviews!', and not the 'I DON'T Like A Few Spoilers'. Just saying, since I only got three complaints, I'm thinking that 'I Like Your REAL Reviews!' will be the winner.
So, anyway, about the book itself. I'm not all that much of a romantic anymore; but I decided to give this book a shot anyway.....Biggest mistake of my life. The main character struck me as a very selfish person, who always wanted to put her problems on other people.
As for the plot. Well, there was no plot. Do not read this book. This is the first time in recorded history that I actually fell asleep while reasing a book. And I wasn't even tired! Yes, it's that boring.
All in all, I'm going to have to rate this one a 1.7, abd even that' being extremely generous! Until next time, this is Bowen. With BoocLooks.

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  1. To each his/her own, but as a blogger, if you're going to review a book and don't like it, please at least be courteous enough to keep in mind that the author worked VERY hard on the book. Bashing it really isn't needed. Just say it wasn't for you. Being kind is a good thing. Karma, baby... :)