Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later :'(

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the twin-towers demise. 10 years since the world fell apart, and America went to Hell. The last 10 years have been trying on America's faith, and her perseverance. We are fighting two wars on the enemies turf. Watched as first the twin-towers, and then the pentagon fell apart.
We weeped as the world watched that second plane fly into the South Tower. We screamed as the Towers fell apart during those last heart wrenching seconds of 9/11. And if only we knew that it was only the beginning.
10 years ago today, America lost her status as a superpower, and 3 nations rose up against us. 10 years ago our economy fell apart, 10 years ago America ceased to be the land of the free.
Many of us have lost hope, thinking that America will never recover. Immigrants have poured into America, because their countries are so terrible. But the truth is, America is not far behind. It is sad that Apple Inc. has more money in its bank account than the entire American Treasury. We are no longer the utopian society that we once were. Secrets are being kept from us. Innocent people are being killed for no reason whatsoever, and there is yet another war brewing on the horizon.
I have heard whispers of it nearly everywhere that I go. I can hear them in the streets, in the bookstores, the restaurants, the food court at the mall, Gap, Abercrombie & Fintch. Everywhere. And the whispers are telling me, that this time the war will not be fought on enemy turf. It will be fought right here, in America. And, in the end, America will no longer exist.
I can no longer called the States the United States because they are no longer united. That all ended 10 years ago. We had a few hours of unity before events were set in motion. Events that are now too far into their purposes to stop. But we can try.
Save America, reunite her. Make us the great people that we once were. Ring the bells of freedom, and let them ring from sea to shining sea. Let the world know that Lady Liberty is at her post once more, and make the terrorists tremble in their caves whenever they hear our name. America. The United States. Lady Liberty. Freedom. The Superpower.
Bring us back into an era of piece, power, and prosperity. No more of these make-believe fantasies as the world around us is falling into ruins. Make America, America again. As the people of the United States of America, this is all that we ask. Please stop the madness, before it's too late.

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