Friday, August 12, 2011

The Last Archangel

By: Michael D. Young
Rated: 4.6

Xandir, a rebelious angel who was thrown to Earth for his relationship with a human, has been a destroying angel for nearly the entire history of the world. He was banished from Heaven until the End of Time - being the end of this world - and now's he's out to make this happen.
This book is difficult to describe, in that it has so many plot twists. I mean it's just so complex! But I have to admit that I really enjoyed reading it. Now, I'm a devout Christian, so the very thought of God lying, or of one of His angels rebelling against him absolutely sickened me. But, I made an effort to ignore those details and to enjoy the book. And - the truth is - I did enjoy it. The book that is.
Mr. Young was able to blend fact perfectly with fiction. I just loved how he was able to incorporate Atlantis into the story without ever breaking stride. I mean, like, when I got to the bit about Atlantis I wasn't like: 'Wait, Atlantis? What?' So I was a real fan of that particular piece of writing.
However, I was a little worried about how Atlantis so closely resembled New York City. But this review isn't supposed to be about religion, it's supposed to be about the book.
Xandir was doubtlessly my favorite character - naturally - I liked how he could be both badass, and obedient at the same time. Second in my book was his little cherub friend - I believe it was Jacob or something? Anyway, great book, great characters, amazing writer! If ever the author decides to write a sequel, I will definitely be first in line to buy it. And it's very possible that this just might happen! The author certainly left the end wide open for another installment.
Next time.....well, I don't know what I'll be reviewing to be honest. Well, until then, I'm signing off!

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  1. This just sounds right up might street. Plots, twists and I love Angels. I will need to check this Rebellious Angel out.